Soft Cover Binding


Our soft cover binding (also known as temporary binding) is perfect for dissertations and undergraduate projects. We offer Thermal (tape spine), plastic comb, wire, spiral and channel binding.


No matter how busy we are, or how many deadlines Swansea University and Swansea Metropolitan University have on a given day - we guarantee that our binding dissertation services will help beat your deadline! We offer an incredibly quick turn round, with our standard service costing £3.50 per copy and taking 2 hours, we also offer our convenient while-u-wait for just £7 per copy, which takes just 10-15 minutes.

Save time & money

Why spend hours printing pages on a home inkjet printer, emptying expensive cartridges? We'll minimise waiting time at a fraction of the cost! We charge just 7p per page for black & white, and 20p per page for colour pages. We have plenty of helpful staff, working on three machines which can print at speeds of over 100 pages per minute.

How to supply your document

1. You can supply ‘hard’ paper copies, or a single original from which we can produce further copies. You can bring it to our office, or send by post or courier

2. We can accept all forms of media, which might include:
Memory Stick, CD, DVD, Flash/Jump Drives etc

3. Send your work by email to

What we need to know

  • How many pages are in each file, so we can check pagination when we open the file
  • The operating system you used i.e. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OSX etc.
  • The number of colour pages, so we can check the document and give you a price.
  • The order the files appear in the document. You may want to check the hard copy prior to binding. If after binding the pages are out of order, correction will cost extra time and money.
  • You may wish to consider 2-sided printing for very long documents.
Work can either be brought in to our office, or sent by post or email.

Some things to remember

page margins

We recommend leaving 25-40mm on the left binding edge. Then allow at least 12mm margin on right, top and bottom depending on the layout of your work. For 2-sided printing, you either need to set right and left pages, or leave sufficient for binding in both left and right margins.

paper weight

We stock a large range of quality paper for use when printing your work. Standard paper used for thesis printing would normally be 80gsm for soft cover and 100gsm for hard cover binding. The higher the number, the thicker the paper. Copier/inkjet paper is usualy 80gsm.
Bear in mind that the heavier the paper, the thicker the book.